Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome Everyone

Good Day to you all,
I would like to share some family photos with all of you of the family. My great grandfather Simond Leslie Boone came to the United States years ago as he was working for a man in the woods in Northern Maine. He did what he could to make a living and no he didn't become a US citizen then. He worked over here for many years before ever traveling back to Canada to see the rest of his family in fear that they would keep him. When my mom was a young girl maybe 5 or so was his first trip back to Canada. He was not going to go back alone so he went back with my grandparents, my mom and her two brothers. Needless to say then that they didn't keep him there and so after that he traveled over there from time to time but still never went alone.

He passed away Dec. 8, 1975. Most knew him to have a large strawberry patch and everyone spoke of that. He actually tended his strawberries until he was 90.

One unique thing that is spoken of to this day and I still have yet to find out why. He couldn't stand the Hayes Family and he said that if a Hayes ever bought his place he would haunt them. Well indeed a Hayes did buy his house but they never dared to live in it. They stayed in it for a very brief period of time and then put a place directly behind it and only stored things in his house. They would actually only retrieve things in there and prefered not to go in there at all unless one of the Boone Family was present. Just in the past year or two they have taken down the house but they do not even stay in the house that they put on his land either. I told them that he never harmed you when he was alive and that he wouldn't now but they still are fearful of him.

Simon's wife, my great grandmother Ethel Mae Gerald died July 26, 1946 of liver cancer. She was 60.

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